Writing In Students At Risk for Dyslexia

and the associated hemispheric laterality patterns.

Project Details

  • PhD Student : Nadia Papadopoulou

What are the underlying cerebral laterality patterns in children at risk for dyslexia?

The aim of the study is to investigate, for the first time in the literature, the cerebral lateralization of 8-12 year old children with special learning disorders, specifically dyslexia and dysgraphia, which are associated with writing difficulties and for which atypical patterns of cerebral laterality for oral language have been found using fTCD (Illiingworth & Bishop, 2009).

Illiingworth, S., & Bishop, D. (2009). Atypical cerebral lateralisation in adults with compensated developmental dyslexia demonstrated using functional transcranial Doppler ultrasouns. Brain and language, 111(1), 61-65.